Business development

Established in Tunisia on 2012, EUCLIDE CONSULTING GROUP is a business development consultancy firm with unmatched local access to the lucrative Algeria and Maghreb business environment.

Led by an international team of experienced and accomplished professionals, providing complete business solutions that turn innovative ideas into profitable investments and developments.

ECG main objective is the representation as local commercial agency of International EPC Contractors, engineering and supplier companies in Oil & Gas, Power and Infrastructures sectors.

The services provided by Euclide Consulting Group are

  • Market research and analysis

  • Promotion of your company

  • Advising and assistance for tender

  • Partner research and selection

  • Assistance to branches and joint-ventures constitution

Market research and analysis:

The internationalization process is not so easy so it should be evaluated end deeply planned.

After the internal verification of the resources that can be put and used by the company for its internationalization, the following step is to analyze the new market.

ECG assist your company to identify the market’s interest on your services or products.

From this study we will understand the potential of your company in the market and how to proceed to introduce your company to the clients.


Promotion of your company among the potential clients:


Once got the information from the market research, ECG will knock to the doors of the potential customers in order to present your company as the solution of their needs.

Advising and assistance for tender:

ECG leads your company during all the process of participation to the tenders.

ECG chooses for your company the most interesting opportunities for your development in the country.

Then, only if the interest on the tender is shared even by your company, ECG assists you to officially collect the tender and during the preparation of your offer in order to let you make an offer that following the client’s requirements.

If it’s asked by the tender, ECG collects the original bid bond from the bank in order to put it in your offer. ECG delivers your offer to the client and then it assists to the public opening of the envelopes.

We’ll send you a detailed report and we assist you to answer to the potential questions of the client.

ECG guides you on the relationship with the client even during the project’s execution until the waiver of the performance bond.


Partner research and selection:


In order to get the job, for different reason, sometimes it can be mandatory to collaborate with a local or foreign complementary partner in order to strengthen your offer.

ECG suggests you the right partner and it will assist you during this collaboration.

Assistance to branches and joint-ventures constitution:

A lot of opportunities are reserved to local companies (at least the 51% of the share should be owned by a local) so sometimes we suggest to found a new local branch in order to access to a new market that is becoming more and more interesting.

ECG leads you during the process of the branch constitution in accordance to the local laws.


And also..

Assistance to the organization of workshop, fairs, events:

In order to speed up the diffusion of your brand in the market, we assist you on participating to the fairs. We can choose among the international fairs or we can organize exclusive events with the potential clients and or partners. Don’t worry we assist you even concerning the logistical matter.

Management consultancy, accountancy, tax and legal advice, logistics, administrative and technical services:

If you wish, ECG provide you with all the necessary human resources in order to comply with the local laws and in order to manage your new local branch on the best way.

Skilled labour recruitment and provision of personnel services:

No projects can be successful if you have not the right workers.

ECG guide you during the recruiting process of the human resources that fulfill your needs.

Suppliers management:

To success on your projects ECG suggest you the best local and foreign suppliers following your requirements.

We promise you a fast and smart solution to make your offer competitive with the best compromise between price and quality and delivery terms.

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